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Dear Mr. Weiler,
Yesterday, after the covering sheet of our building finally fell, everyone could observe the results of your restoration work on our facade.
We are very pleased with your work!
Everything is harmonious – sometimes less is even considerably more.
Thank you very much for your empathetic work and the impressive outcome.

Once again thank you very much. Many future observers will surely enjoy the enigmatic vibrancy as much as we do.
With best regards, also on behalf of my wife,
Markus Wörmann
Friday, 11/6/2009

…hello, Mr. Weiler,
They’re still absolutely the bomb and every time someone pays me a visit, they are amazed by the color design of my apartment, especially the ceilings in the living room and the study. Just yesterday evening, a dear friend of mine showed up for a visit. She hadn't seen my apartment after the renovation yet and said I quote: „It looks so great, you just have to keep looking up!“
That once again made me feel so good, that I thought I just have to let you know.
Of course, I tell everyone who asks, who gave me that excellent advice.

Best wishes and kind regards,
Stephanie Pichl