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Quality Commitment

GREAT THINGS IN OUR WORLD HAPPEN ONLY BECAUSE SOMEBODY DOES MORE THAN THEY SHOULD.Your facade, your four walls, your property, be it a piece of art or a sculpture that is close to your heart, it is always one of a kind. Is it your goal to revive it, so you can enjoy the sight of it for a long time to come. Hand it to us and we will understand your request! With every object we pay attention to individual  needs and increase our ambition in the process.

We not only promise quality, durability, and professionalism. Quality gives purpose to our existence. Neither cost cutting, nor exaggerated price expectations have made us what we are. Unobtrusive and tailored pre-project consultation, along with the reliable work of all of our employees and our exclusively in-house trained staff, ensure we maintain a high level of quality and conceptual work. Confront us with your demands. After we have gone through all the planning in our minds we will cross the finishing line together as victors.Our conceptual work follows the motto: Color has great weight in the equation that is architecture. Problems are there to be explored and to be solved by means of know-how.However, sheer willpower alone is not enough to master every obstacle. To follow the prearranged path we have limbered up. With cutting-edge equipment we save ourselves, you, and the environment unnecessary strain.
  1. Dry-ice blasting utilized for facade-cleaning, is environmentally friendly, gentle, avoids waste, and prevents unnecessary contamination of the environment.
  2. Our thermal imaging camera provides an insight, which would otherwise stay concealed. We are able to “read between the walls” and plan our projects more efficiently.
  3. Our hoisting platform helps you save your face and money. Because not every refurbishment needs a scaffold and the associated temporary aesthetic damage to your property.
Since we always like to exceed your expectations, we have received the following testimonials from our clients during the past two years:

184 testimonials since 6/2007: 1,10 (as of March 2010)